About Ashlee Ellen

Ashlee Ellen has been a designer working mainly in the graphics field for most of her life. She has also worked in a number of other creative disciplines and enjoys being able to move from one to another. Currently Ashlee is combining her photographic and graphic design skills to create her scarves and home ware designs. She is a prolific photographer and enjoys the process of capturing images of the places and things she sees and combining them to create new images that can be printed and applied to many objects. Ashlee’s scarf designs are printed on pure silk and have hand rolled hems just to give them that extra touch of luxury.


Recently Ashlee Ellen traveled through Myanmar (formerly called Burma) and Japan to collect images for her South East Asia range. Here you can see she is on the job taking pictures at one of the many temples. She says that traveling is an exciting adventure and she always comes home with loads of inspiration and a camera full of images that she uses to create her artwork.

Coming soon will be the beginning of her new range of scarves featuring the South East of Asia.


Ashlee Ellen has a fascination with period furniture and spends considerable amount of time collecting various pieces. She loves the shapes and patterns of old furniture and uses her design skills to restyle these old pieces in a way that brings them up to date and they fit perfectly into contemporary design, whilst keeping there original uniqueness and charm. By combining the old and the new she gives new life to something from the past and adds a new element to what is currently in style.

She also applies her designs to such things as lamp shades and wall dividers which are very popular with interior designers.