Creative Genius at it’s Best.

Creative Genius at it’s Best.

Recently my art friends asked “What is your favourite artist?”

At the time I was busy painting walls and refurbishing dining chairs that I didn’t have time to really think about the question.

Recently, I have been watching the new series of ‘The Dark Crystal’ with my kids. I am having trouble following the story line because I am trying desperately to take in the creative genius behind this production.

From the simple Muppets to the complex Dark Crystal Skeksis – there have been so many creative soles that have given stunning, personal interpretations to Henson’s ideas, and they are all brilliant.

These people are not just drawing these creatures… they are actually creating them in 3D while others make them move and come alive. I admire their ability to physically produce the thoughts of their imagination.

I think a good answer to my friends question could have been,
‘Jim Henson”.

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